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Design Bigger MiniCourse: Command More for Your Graphic Design Work

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It’s time to stop playing it small and create a bigger impact for you and your clients.

Learn ways to package, present, and profit from your graphic design work to increase your value and impact. It wasn't until I started practicing certain tactics that I took my design quotes from 3 figures to 5 figures!

In this mini-course, you will learn:

1. Why playing it small doesn’t help you or the client

  • the pros and cons of one-off projects
  • quantity versus quality
  • hitting the wall on growth
  • gaining confidence and a winning mindset

2. How to create more robust offerings

  • thinking and strategy
  • packaging solutions
  • pricing/invoicing strategies

3. How to present more effectively and provide more comprehensive solutions

  • leveling up the client experience (communication, quality, organization)
  • how to present concepts better

Who this course is for:

  • Graphic designers who have some experience with freelance projects/working with clients
  • Graphics designers who freelance and/or work at a job
  • Designers who want to level up and add more value to themselves and others
  • Graphic designers who are tired of one-off projects or who struggle to charge more

Why you need this course

  • Charge more for your projects for greater financial freedom
  • Create longer-lasting impact for your clients
  • Focus more on quality and not quantity
  • Create a repeatable process that yields results
  • Level up your professionalism and confidence
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Design Bigger MiniCourse: Command More for Your Graphic Design Work

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