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The Ultimate Beginner's Course: Graphic Design Fundamentals


In this course, you will go from overwhelmed beginner to confidently kick-starting your graphic design journey through foundational learning that’s simple, practical, and applicable.

You’ll gain a solid foundation of understanding by learning:

  • what graphic design is
  • career options
  • fundamentals like layout, typography, and color
  • how graphic design relates to brand and business
  • the design process
  • image resolution and file formats
  • tools you can use to create designs

By the end of this course, you will have created your very first design and you’ll feel more confident to move forward in your graphic design journey 🎉


Here's a sneak peek:

Module 1: What is Graphic Design?

Module 2: Foundational Design Principles

Module 3: Logo and Brand

Module 4: Color and Typography

Module 5: Layout Principles

Module 6: The Design Process

Module 7: Getting Technical

Module 8: Bringing it All Together

BONUS: Demo project

Visual learning throughout the course


✅ Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who want a solid, comprehensive foundation
  • Learners who like practical, simple breakdowns + real-world application
  • Those who want to fill the gaps in their fundamental design knowledge
  • Those who want to learn a lot in a short amount of time

🚫 What this course isn't:

  • a software course
  • a get-rich-quick plan
  • an advanced design course

🤔 Why this course?

You ended up here for a reason—you know it's time for you to grow your skills!

There are so many things about design that I wish someone would have told me all at once, versus me having to piece together my learnings over the years. Now, I'd like to give you the fast track of that knowledge so that you can start with a strong graphic design foundation. Sifting through all the online learning content can be overwhelming, but you've landed in the right place!

Many people seek the "what" but don't understand the "how" and the "why". They don't understand how to make good design decisions and they don't understand why certain elements work well together to create good design. Building a strong fundamental base equips you with the knowledge that all great designers use to identify good design, speak intelligently about it, and create impactful work, no matter what software they use.


💡 About Your Instructor

Shannel Wheeler is a graphic designer, brand strategist, two-time author, creative content creator, certified project management professional, and the founder of Awesome Design Academy and SW Graphic Design. Her passion and purpose in design stem from her love for art as a child and have grown from a myriad of experiences in corporate America, startups, and her own business ventures. She has nearly 20 years of professional experience transforming ideas into visual solutions for Fortune 500 clients, corporate brands, nonprofits, small businesses, and tech startups. Because Shannel understands the power of brand and design within business and culture, she teaches others to utilize design to enhance their work. Through fun, practical tools and techniques, she believes that design can be learned and applied tactically or transformatively to enhance personal, professional, or business goals.

Stay Awesome!

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A comprehensive fundamental overview of graphic design

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The Ultimate Beginner's Course: Graphic Design Fundamentals

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