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Everything Design Bundle: Graphic Design for Beginners

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This bundle contains...

An INCREDIBLE value for the graphic design beginner and growing designer, you'll get these 6 resources:

✅ Learning Graphic Design: The Essential Building Blocks
When it comes to learning graphic design, what does it take? Where do you start? This simple guide helps you learn how to get started.

  • Gain clarity: Learn the big goal of every graphic designer
  • Identify what you need: Uncover three essential areas for design success
  • Start learning: Begin your learning journey with a solid foundation

✅ The Ultimate Beginner's Course: Graphic Design Fundamentals
In this self-guided course, you will go from an overwhelmed beginner to confidently kick-starting your graphic design journey through foundational learning that’s simple, practical, and applicable. 5 hours of instruction, workbook and demo project included.

You’ll gain a solid foundation of understanding by learning:

  • what graphic design is
  • career options
  • fundamentals like layout, typography, and color
  • how graphic design relates to brand and business
  • the design process
  • image resolution and file formats
  • tools you can use to create designs

✅ Graphic Design Checklist
Use this digital graphic design checklist as a reference tool for every project to make sure you are meeting the minimum requirements for a successful design. Use this interactive PDF, again and again, to quickly assess your designs.

✅ Design Bigger Freelance Mini-Course: Command More for Your Graphic Design Work

If you are a freelancer, it’s time to stop playing it small and create a bigger impact for you and your clients. If you want to start freelancing, you will get a fast track to making more earlier in your career.

Learn ways to package, present, and profit from your graphic design work to increase your value and impact. It wasn't until I started practicing certain tactics that I took my design quotes from 3 figures to 5 figures!

✅ Present Like a Pro Mini-Course: Make Better Slide Presentations
Take your slide deck presentation skills to the next level for work, business, or personal projects. Learn principles that apply, no matter if you use PowerPoint, Google Slides or Canva.

You will learn:

  • The real purpose of slide presentations
  • The 3 primary presentation types and how to use STORY to get results
  • How to implement tips and techniques to make better presentations
  • To practice your skills with a realistic slide exercise you can use IRL

✅ Canva Small Business Design Guide
Canva is a powerful tool to create compelling graphic design. Business owners and entrepreneurs can take advantage of the software to help them market, sell, inform or persuade others with their ideas. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all of Canva’s features and to navigate the various collateral you can create.

This PDF guide makes it easier to generate practical and useful business ideas to execute, while also providing tips and templates to accelerate your design process. 

You’ll get:

  • 12 Ideas for business workflows
  • 48 Keyboard shortcuts for efficiency
  • 12 Practice prompts to explore various features and
  • Business marketing starter checklist (with suggested formats and file sizes)
  • 3 Ready-to-use customizable templates (one sheet, lead magnet checklist, IG reel)
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$147.97 $125

Everything Design Bundle: Graphic Design for Beginners

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